Thursday, August 26, 2010

Piece of Words On Written Paper: 1st Piece of Me

Piece of Words On Written Paper: 1st Piece of Me:

Salam. Hi! Im Annelis Nur'ain. Yep, itu nama betul. My mama yg bagi. Coped that from an english novel 20 years ago - she said. ..and yeah, Im 19 this year. Rasa macam takut pulak bila dah age 19 nih. Kenapa takut? Sebab, next year Im 20. There's a big '2' in my age numbers. ): Rasa macam dah besar sangat (Cheh, padahal-padahal baru 19, belum declared adult pun).

Well, this is my very first piece in this blog. But, Im nt a new comer in blogging. Created few blogs previously. Rase cam tetibe nak create new fresh blog. Hehe.. Well, i tak sehebat Hanis Zulaikha or Fatin Liyana when it comes to scribble stories of my own, but, I do love blogging as much as I love shopping. :) ..and I do love em too. I love the way they selamba-ly writes their stories...

**kenna stop kejap nih. Petir berdentam-dentum. Kilat sabung menyabung kat luar. Takut pulak! Dah lah sorang. Adik-adikku, cuzs.. Cepatlah balik skolah, teman org kat rumah!!! brb.

Panggil me Anna je lah. Anna ni student lagi. 3rd year in Singapore Polytechnic (Dip jerk, sedih ni. Sbb kengkawan sume dah enroll uni). Stay kat JB ah tp. A'ah, memang kenna ulang alik hari2 yg ade class. But, for year 3 ni je lah. Last 2years, I stayed at my sis's house kat Singapore. I had a nice experience staying there. Woke up 1hr before class started, rushed to the mrt stn, trained and great - I was late for class. Memang everyday pun cam tu. Hehehe..

So, do enjoy my lil sharing about my nt-so-great-life-but-its-been-wonderful-as-long-as-i-am-enjoying-it :)

Till then.


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