Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baru habis baca Street Vendetta. Totally a different genre and style of storyline. Seriously, best giler. Ade seram, ade kelakar, ada sedih sangat2, but honestly, credits ah to the writer. Cool giler story die.

The brand names kat dalam pun best ah, tk main ah yang bese2 jerk. Main yg designer brand. Salute ah!

The Nenek Telangkai also another cute and funny one. Mak Cik Kamariah lagi satu, boleh pulak dia melayan penakut si Kojie tu. Kalau I, confirm fall in love ngan watak Furqan - kelakar. Tapi, yang part Kojie bisik 'love you too' kat Anabella tu tak cam best plak, sweet jerk. :DD

Ni pun took 2days nak baca buku ni. First time, Anna baca novel lama cam nih. Yelah, banyak sangat selingan tengah2 tu. Siap tolong my cousin ngan project dia lagi. Then kitorang berlima berdekak dari pukul 8mlm till 4pagi. Giler kan..? Anak-anak dara berdekak, mengilai malam2 buta sampai pagi2. Apa nak jadi ngan anak dara sekarang... Kkays, nk gi mandi, and then continue helping my cousins. See ya!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Read an online novel. A story about between two people. The credits go to the writer for making it simply so sweet and nice.

Propose kat depan sunset, then tulis on sand, sweet perh? Awwhh.... What else does a girl hope for a happy ending of her love story..? Right? But love story between two people can be just so sad, sometimes. But well, as I said, LIFE is a path of leaning new things. What do you expect then?

and as for me, I guess, I just wait for my love story to be a happy ending. Wait till it reaches the '..and they lived happily ever after..' coz I know and I believe that Life is always a fairytale. Well, to me at least. Anyways, it does depend on how people think it is. So, do make ur one and only life sweet and fun. Enjoying every lil moments of it together with your beloved ones. Family.Cousins.Friends.Soulmate.Colleagues.Enemies as well.