Saturday, September 18, 2010

My FB Friend Which is Dah Pangkat Sister.

Well, Im glad to say that Ive found one new besty from fb. She is so nice and yeah we're 1 kepala. Everything that we wish for are all the same damn thing. GOD! Im so loving her. We've started to know each other since April'10 and now it has been 5months. From fb friend that only share comments and pictures, we share interests too, we share our likes and dislikes, we share about futures, about ambitions, about guys, about friends, about ALL! To my friend-who-is-now-pangkat-sister to me, Im glad that I know you, My FIRST UK FRIEND! Hope when you're in Italy or France - studying or in UK or anywhere, i will be in ur memories - like forever. Hope one day we will meet each other in person. And i'll meet you in UK or France or Italy. OKay??

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its 6th Syawal

Time pass real fast. Till I also didn't actually notice that its 6th syawal already. Been pretty busy for the pass 2weeks and yeah, i hell free today. However, cam rasa boring gitu. Everybody is out for raya and I guess Im the only one stucked at home doing house chores. pfft~ Cousin's working, Siblings went out raya, Friends went out wif fams and boyfriends, neighbour went out to catch a movie, sec school friends went out wif cousins for karaoke and me alone at home raya with my laptop while doing house chores.

somebody ask me out please. I hell wanna go out today.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hey, few more days to raya 2010. Wait, it's 2more days only lah. Urhm, I've down with the cleaning duties. Nope, I think left kitchen's toilet to be cleaned. Kakak turun from Singapore today, but she's on her own with her son and lil daughter. So, it's a heavy downpour outside,thus i don't know if she can make it. Worst to worst is she'll be here at night, then rush to pasar borong to buy all the things needed for masak besok malam raya.

GOD! I have no idea how to make serondeng yet.Shoot! I should google for it now. Ok, googled it. But now still need to ask my mom's friend on how to make it though. Who noes there's a secret ingredient. Lols!

Well, people, yang akan menyambut hari raya nanti, to all drivers, drive carefully and safely kkays? Even kiter tak kenal, but please, rasa cam sedih sgt kalau ade accident happened sbb nk balik raya atau nak beraya. Sayangilah nyawa anda dan ingatlah orang yang tersayang.

To all my adiks and yang sebaya or yang lebih senior yg nak main mercun ker bungapi ker, mainlah dengan berhemah. Hahaha.. Janganlah nak invent anything just to make it sounds louder than normal. Accidents happened when you try to be smart but act stupidly.

So, on hari raya nanti janganlah terlampau excited sangat smpi terlebih-lebih suka ria. Biarlah berpada-pada. Lagi satu, on hari raya tu, mintak maaf lah bebanyak daripada orang sekeliling, mana lah tau tak sempat nak jumpa tahun lain kali. (Im nt trying to be negative, but Im trying to ingat mati. Ingat mati tu kan penting)

To all those sebaya and adiks, collect lah duit raya sebanyak mungkin. Hahaha...

Last but not least, Anna just wanna say Selamat Hari Raya Maaf dipohon Andai tersalah kata, tersilap bicara ataupun terkasar bahasa. Yang buruk itu datang dari Anna, Yang baik itu datang dari Allah S.W.T..

Mudah-mudahan hari raya tahun ini akan menjadi hari raya yang paling SWEET for me, my famly, friends, and everyone. :)