Saturday, September 18, 2010

My FB Friend Which is Dah Pangkat Sister.

Well, Im glad to say that Ive found one new besty from fb. She is so nice and yeah we're 1 kepala. Everything that we wish for are all the same damn thing. GOD! Im so loving her. We've started to know each other since April'10 and now it has been 5months. From fb friend that only share comments and pictures, we share interests too, we share our likes and dislikes, we share about futures, about ambitions, about guys, about friends, about ALL! To my friend-who-is-now-pangkat-sister to me, Im glad that I know you, My FIRST UK FRIEND! Hope when you're in Italy or France - studying or in UK or anywhere, i will be in ur memories - like forever. Hope one day we will meet each other in person. And i'll meet you in UK or France or Italy. OKay??

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